The Mortgage-Backed Securities Issuer Association ("MBSIA") has been serving the mortgage-backed securities industry since the mortgage securitization started since 1980. Today, the MBSIA continues to be an active advocate, representing industry particpants who tap on the wholesale funding market of over $100 billion through the National Housing Act Mortgage-Backed Securities ("NHA MBS") program and the Canada Mortgage Bond ("CMB") program sponsored by Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation ("CMHC").

Our Mission

We believe that it is critical for the efficiency of housing finance and well-being of the housing sector to develop and maintain deep and liquid markets for securitization of Canadian mortgage loans. MBSIA serves as a key link between issuers, investors and other participants in the securitization process, with the intent of strengthening and enhancing mortgage securitization.

MBSIA operates to achieve several key objectives:

  • Vocalize and support the concerns of MBS issuers in Canada;
  • Provide a forum for issuers to table, discuss and resolve issues;
  • Liaise with industry associations such as Mortgage Professionals Canada;
  • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with CMHC, government regulators and policy makers, investment dealers, investors, and mortgage lenders as required; and
  • Advocate for change and input on policy if necessary.

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